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Our Wholesale Bedding Textile Products:
Duvet cover
We produce in all sizes you want.
57 wire, 63 wire, 84 wire, 120 wire
Single, Double
Striped, Straight
  • 100% Cotton.
  • 4/1 It is a satin weave. It is 1cm striped.
  • It is woven from 40/1 combed cotton yarn with a density of 84 strands / cm².
  • Shrinkage allowances are pre-set.
  • If the usage instructions are followed, the product does not turn yellow until it completes its economic life.
  • Side seams have 4 strokes in cm, stitch spacing to prevent shrinkage and shrinkage after washing.

Our company, which produces Bedding Textiles, produces 100% cotton, antibacterial products that are easy to use and comfortable, resistant to washing, at international standards.

Maintaining its quality at the highest level, MYCREASYON meets the demands of its customers with the service provided by its experienced and reliable team.

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