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Wholesale women clothes;
Wholesale women’s clothing is divided into many categories and among them, dress models especially attract many women. Dresses, which are the savior parts of the day or special occasions and invitations, have a large selection of models. We are taking firm steps forward in the domestic and foreign markets with the highest quality textile and clothing wholesale policy. We will continue to grow the most suitable and cheapest wholesale clothing service to our customers with professional textile & clothing production solutions.
We serve one of Turkey’s leading firms dominate the wholesale women’s clothing apparel mycreasyon the principle of daily needs under one roof to meet with all the rich world of women’s fashion collection with innovative designs that make a difference.
Transforming fashion into art with its modern lines, elegance and designs appealing to urban women, rich fabrics and accessories, MYCREASYON products attract great interest and demand from all over the world.
In MYCREASYON Tekstil company, we produce all your ladies’ clothes that you dream of our valued customers in wholesale and sell them by delivering the women’s clothing collection that has passed quality control in certain criteria.

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